Sunday, November 18, 2012

Probiotics and clinical trials for sinusitis

Probiotics usage for chronic sinusitis is one treatment which seems to generate quite a bit of curiousity. I am curious myself about results. Using probiotics to restore natural flora in the sinus just like in the gut (digestive system) intuitively makes sense. Though I haven't heard of many clinical trials that validate the efficacy of probiotics for chronic sinusitis.

I like many others suffering from chronic sinusitis do admit to getting a little desperate occasionally. So if a treatment is discussed that does not have clinical evidence I may still listen or read further. If the treatment has minimal risk and seems plausible - I have been known to try it cautiously under the assumption of "what can it hurt".

So getting back to Probiotics For Sinusitis (PFS)... I was talking with my doctor and they reminded me that each of us has very unique symptoms, very unique causes, very unique treatment, allergies, sinus anatomy, etc. Because we are each so unique it is hard to draw solid conclusions from new treatments until a recognized clinical trial has occured. Probiotics have some interesting and compelling results I must admit though a number of factors are quite undefined including: dosage, culture strain(s), etc. that is(are) most effective. I have taken probiotics orally without much change and you know... the gut area is pretty disconnected from the sinuses so I question whether oral ingestion is effective. This makes me more open to consider introducing probiotics cultures directly into the sinuses through say, irrigation.

I am not quite adventurous enough to put probiotics directly into my sinuses just yet, though I am getting more tempted. Please share, if you have an experience with sinusitis and probiotics.

Reminder - I am not a medical doctor - please see your doctor for advice.

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