Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Probiotics for sinus infections, popular?

Thought you might like to know that one of the most popular topics in this blog has been: "Probiotics for Sinusitis". Seems like this concept resonates with a lot of folks. So... I've been watching for other related information. I saw a very short article Probiotics for Sinus Infections that seems to sum up most discussion on this topic. It mentions the most common misconception - that probiotics can cure a sinus infection. And it suggests that probiotics boost the body's natural infection fighting ability which is also called boosting the immune system. For me, this seems to be the case (ie not a cure, but may improveme immune system). How about you? Has anyone seen significant improvement in sinus symptoms (or a cure) that is directly linked to use of probiotics?


  1. Is this real? I thought probiotics are only good for our digestive system. Didn't know that it is also good for sinus infections.

  2. To my knowledge, probiotics for sinusitis is not a clinically proven treatment at this time, though there are folks who claim improvement. See more clinical discussion at the UCSF link in this blog entry. What have you heard or read? Thanks

  3. I started a course of probiotics after I had finished a course of antibiotics to replenish the good bacteria in my gut, to my surprise, after a couple of weeks my pansinusitus began to clear up. Now, a month later I can breath so much easier. I could not believe the amount of gunge that came out of my nose.

    Probiotics may not target the sinuses directly but they must be helping my immune system because my sinuses have cleared.