Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sinusitis - what works and what doesn't

If you are like me - fighting chronic sinusits - then you are always on the hunt for the latest treatments and purported cures. I tend to try almost anything that is not too risky. I am always looking on the net for the latest updates on sinusitis and my most favorite treatments. I read everything from lifestyle and environment articles, latest medical articles and the most wild and far out treatments/ supplements. I find lots of sites that claim to cure sinusitis, but turn out to be commercially driven ventures that have questionable credentials and results. You've probably seen a site that has a url tailored to curing sinusitis - then you find a book or supplement for sale and 30 pages of glowing testimonials. If you find effective treatments - I'm happy for you. I too have tried some of them though with no success. Its hard not to interested in trying the latest trends or fads when fighting such a dreadful affliction.

One topic that I've mentioned before seems to be gathering a lot of hope from folks with sinusitis is probiotics. I have tried using them orally, and tried lots of different bacteria, but they have not contributed to significant improvement of my symptoms. I have not tried them as a rinse in my sinuses. My ENT is skeptical about using a probiotic sinus rinse, though I am more open minded.

So... I would really like to hear from anyone who has results from using a probiotics orally or as a sinus rinse. How did it work?

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