Monday, January 7, 2013

New year, new approaches for sinusitis

I look forward to a new year where more progress will be made in treating sinusitis. There are many causes and just as many treatments and diagnostic aids. Its a real jungle to sort through all the information, theories and well intended advice from everywhere.

Here is my personal view of some trends and topics for chronic sinusitis in 2013.
- Healthy lifestyles: diets of various kinds (ie gluten free, dairy free, vegan and many others), exercise, stress reductions, sleep, meditation and state of mind.
- Probiotics: the jury is still out on effectiveness, but the sheer interest in this topic should keep it high in discussions. Hopefully new research and clinical trials will shed further light.Have you heard of new ones?
 - Drugs: not sure of any new drugs coming out. Stay tuned. Do you know of any?
- Management plan: what each of us is doing on a daily basis to assess our condition and the effect of current treatment. In this age of mobile devices and social interaction - new approaches, tools and apps may emerge.

I am focusing on my management plan more closely this coming year. I started a daily log of current treatment and assessment about 6 months ago. It helps me to spot trends. I think it can contribute to helping me improve symptoms. I'll talk more about this soon.


  1. Have you ever looked into a sensitivity to salicylates? That's what I'm looking into now. Don't know of any new drugs, but my ENT talks a lot about the propel steroid-emitting stent. Could be big in 2013- haven't tried because not covered by insurance. As for probiotics, I've managed to find a supplement in Korea called probio-65 that has the same strain (l.sakei) that that oft-cited study says we're all deficient in. But I haven't figured out a way to order it, and I'm not ready to start irrigating with cultures used for food. In the course of my research I saw that there's been some patents filed with respect to l.sakei, so maybe the wheels of commercializing this are already in motion.

    I also keep a log of things that are "helping" and right now I seem to do best irrigating with a 5% xylitol solution (there was a recent Stanford trial that showed some promise with this approach, but it's been criticized for being too small) with mupirocin mixed in as well. Fish oil seems like powerful stuff as well, but still trying to decipher the right brand/dosage. Have you heard of Fermented Cod Liver Oil by Green Pastures?

    You know there's a alt.sinusitis group on google, right? It's not super active, but some ideas, particularly with respect to irrigation rinses.

  2. Good information. Thank you!
    - I have considered sensitivity to salicylates. I may be sensitive, though my dominant symptoms are driven by environmental pollen, pollution, etc. & not by food.
    - I've heard of steroid stents coming soon, but my anatomy restricts the frontal sinus opening size. So not a sure thing for me. A stent gets clogged/blocked by mucus quite easily when the opening is small.
    - I keep a daily log as well which I recommend.
    - Haven't tried Xylitol, but have tried baby shampoo (didn't help). Rinsing with an antibiotic like Mupirocin may help.
    - I do check the google alt.sinusitis group periodically, thanks.
    - Not familiar with the fish oil brand you mention. For fish oil, typical recommendations suggest one rich in EPA and DHA. It does seem to reduce inflammation slightly for myself.