Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Chronic Illness Reading

I have been reading about chronic illness in books from the library during the past few days. It's quite interesting to see that Chronic Sinusitis (CS) is rarely mentioned. Many of the books talk about Invisible Chronic Illness (ICI) and how they are difficult to diagnose and treat. So CS most certainly fulfills the definition of a Chronic Illness, but just doesn't make the cut for being actively discussed. I would argue that CS is an Forgotten ICI. Here is one resource on PBS that mentions Chronic Sinusitis. I'm sure there are others, but I just haven't spent much time searching as of yet.

But all in all, I'm finding that the books do discuss emotions and events that are shared by anyone with a Chronic Condition. For example, the process of diagnosing the cause of health problems is just so familiar to me. It took me years to realize and ultimately conclude that my sinuses were causing not all, but many issues that plagued my lack of good health. Treating the condition is also discussed which is just such a huge topic as well.

I will be discussing these issues in more detail as I get further along in my reading. Stay tuned...

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